109: An Ode to Oranges

For the past few years, if I ever feel sick I grab an orange. Nine times out of ten my sickness never gets past a slightly stuffy nose or sore throat.

With the lack of sleep I have been gaining, my sickness meter is pinging. I bought four oranges for now. I will eat one soon, one in the morning, and another tomorrow night. Hopefully, that will be enough to knock out this flem that’s building up in my chest. If not, there’s one left. And then anarchy.

I have this theory about the body and sickness. I think the body needs to build up antibodies to fight off crap that’s not supposed to be there. Vitamin C helps the body produce these sickness-fighting little things that float around in my blood. Oranges have a ton of Vitamin C in them. The most out of any fruit, I believe (you can look it up). And they are natural.

Cold and cough medicine basically do the same thing that Vitamin C is supposed to do. They help the body produce antibodies with the added bonuses of pain relievers and something that loosens up mucus. There is not a CURE for the common cold or cough, so it is up to our body to kick their asses. My theory is that natural remedies will help the body in the long run. Sure, over-the-counter medicine and cough drops can make us feel good temporarily, but what are they actually doing to help fight off the virus infection? I highly doubt they are helping more than an orange.

I typically only get sick when I am not getting enough sleep. I.e., my immune system is not working the best because my body is not getting the necessary whatever that sleep provides. So, while I attempt to get more sleep, an orange is going to overload my body with sword-wielding, knife-in-teeth antibodies to kick the crap out of these viruses.

Cheers! Nighty night.

Author's Note #1: To be clear, I am not saying pharmacy medicine does not help. It does in most cases. I just think oranges make the body stronger.

Author's Note #2: I don't have the coronavirus. I think.

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay


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