Day 117: Remember, Next Friday is Hawaiian Shirt Day

Yes, the staff at my school is doing a Hawaiian Shirt Day. I am not sure who will all participate, but it sounds like a hoot! Don’t ya think? It will be the first Hawaiian shirt day that I will have at a workplace. It is potentially the last, but I hope not. Maybe we could make a tradition of it. Maybe I could cruise through some thrift stores next week and pick up a stash. I bet they have the best (worst) Hawaiian shirts a kid could ask for.

Speaking of Hawaiian shirts, I remember when my cousin T-Rizzil Turnwaldo wore Hawaiian shirts almost every day for a few years. His closet looked like a Jimmy Buffet concert with far fewer margaritas. I was really impressed by how long he kept that trend going. Years later, he adopted a button-up shirt, jacket, and tie (or bow tie) phase. That impressed me more, especially knowing what a hassle it is to pick out a coordinated outfit with four or five different pieces, compared to jeans and a t-shirt (my favorite). He could have escaped a third-floor building with all the ties that he accumulated. Oh, and he also wrote a blog that one Friday. You should check it out, and by check it out I mean have the link pulled up on your phone so that when you are riding in a car, waiting at the dentist, or taking a poop you can start reading it immediately. His blog has been known to heal minor cuts and abrasions. He might also write one tomorrow. And by tomorrow, for most of you, I mean today: Friday. Except for you, T’s mom, Auntie A, who will be giving this link a Like in t-minus ten minutes. She’s our biggest fan and we love her for it.

So, to you I say,

Good nightcrawler. It’s Thursday, February Thirteenth, Two-Thousand and Twenty. The RGB outside is 0,0,0 and somebody, somewhere has not yet discovered that Twinkies came back by popular demand because of riots at the Hostess factory that lead to 143 deaths, 5,000 injuries, and 4 pulled muscles. Remember that time when we were young and we were afraid of that photo of Steve Martin on your basement wall. It is perhaps the reason we love Wild Turkey so much. I am glad that bubble gum Stripes with the zebra on the front went out of business because the gum turned to mush after about a half-hour. I can’t find my shoelaces and I have some things on my mind.


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