Day 130: Speed Bumps

Yesterday, I did not write and I did not post. Yesterday, I finished creating a big project for my class. After that, I drove out to Saginaw to hang out with my friend. Because of my busy schedule, we were only to hang out once since I came back from Alaska. We played some games, made dinner, and watched Survivor. I got a text just before 9 that school was again canceled the next day. Instead of going home to write, I stayed and played more games.

I fell asleep thinking about how I did not write (besides my homework). In the past, things that I failed to do weighed heavy on my mind. I identify myself with my word, and although I can’t always keep my word in certain situations, I do my best to stay true to my personal goals. I remember I used to go to bed thinking about all the people that I served that day, if I gave them the best service, and if I did the best job stocking after my shift and preparing my colleagues for theirs. It’s funny, but it is true for servers that we fall asleep mad that we forgot the ranch cup the one person asked us as we were passing by their table and then we forgot the second we stepped into the kitchen because we had ten other things cycling through our mind. And even though I did all the other things correctly or to the best of my ability, I still would feel bad about forgetting the ranch.

Last night, I fell asleep with the thought that it was okay that I didn’t write that day. No one besides myself was holding me to any standard (I’m not George R. R. Martin). I expected this day to come at some point. Honestly, it is the second day that I have had to write twice to make up for the previous day.

Yesterday was spent spending quality time with my best friend since first grade. It was a day well spent, even if I wasn’t writing.

Speed bumps are going to happen. The climb is going to be rocky. I can hold myself to a standard, but I need to be okay failing every once in a while. The important thing is that I get back up and keep trying. This year is far from over and I intend on writing at least for the next 235 days.


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